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Spewer Spewer

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

The odd bug here and there but nothin' much.

First of all I want to say well done to the creator of that physics engine.

Now onto the review crap;
Overall is was fairly well done, nice clean graphics, I found there to be minimal lag so everyone complaining about there being loads needs to consider a new computer or downloading it and an original theme.

Good Points

- Levels are challenging enough to pose the need to think but none are impossible.
- Linked to my other point, no level look the number of attempts into double figures and I only found lvl 60 someone frustrating.
- Engine runs very clean and I only noticed it missing a collision once.
- Choice of controls were available.
- Held a re-playable value since most levels can be done more than one way/slightly differently.
- Pills added a new level of challenge to the game and added variety.

Not-so-good Points

- As said, acid missed a collision once which lead to me completing the lvel a little easier.
- The blood, pill pick-up effect and the partical effects in general didn't fit with the rest of the graphics so much.
- Some levels took a long time to do and failing near the end can lead to alot of wasted time.
- Black puke was picky about where I was allowed to jump on it, some places wouldn't allow me to jump when standing there, even when the area above was clear.
- Damn that jump noise gets annoying.

To summarize, the only bad points I can pick out are slight bugs that are caused by the huge physics strain, some things will get through. I haven't finished it yet, I have 3 or 4 Bonus levels left and haven't mucked about with the level editor yet.

I got off a star for the non-fitting graphics and the bugs that slipped through here and there.

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